I bought my first camera in 1964 while in the military in Japan.In the many years that followed , I was [in
chronological order] an ardent amature photographer, a professional studio photographer,  owner/operator of
a custom photo lab and owner/operator of a contemporary art gallery.

During this time I also learned to use the computer to handle stock market investments. The advent of the
digital camera ; though at first, very limited in memory had an obvious connection to the computer and to the
art of photography.

The digital camera has made film obsolete. Digital cameras now have tremendous memory and much larger
photo sensors. Combined with the huge computer memories now available, creative opportunities are only
limited by the human imagination. We can now easily create images on the computer, undreamed of in the
days of film,  noxious chemicals, and hours working in the dark.

My digital paintings are derived from : old film negitives digitized, new digital photos and computer
generated  graphic images. All the images were, to some degree modified, enhanced, distorted, cropped,
resized, colored or layered in my computer.

Digital printing technologies have kept pace with the camera and computer , and printing large scale ink jet
prints [gyclee prints]  is now a fairly inexpensive and easly available. Printing on acid free papers or cotton
canvas , with pigmented inks produces an archival, long lasting work of art.

The images shown are colors, shapes and compositions that please me. I hope they connect with others and
give them pleasure.