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Submissions:    Seeking artists in all media for 2015/2016 schedule.  Please send photos of artwork, resume and artist statement
"The Catalina 2012" paintings by:Yoon Jin Kim
Recent Past Exhibitions:
The Reemergance of Korean Buddhist Painting
Steel sculpture by Bret Price and Digital Art by Bruce Thacker
The paintings of Jinsil Kim
"Places Left Behind"  paintings by Kyungsoo Lee
Clay: Perceptions and Perspectives
Sue Park, Nornman Deesing, Caeol Steinberg       "Three Visions"
"Sacred Sites and Ancient Wisdoms"
Digital Art by Bruce Thacker  " Big colors - Big Prints "
Between mountains and Ocean"   paintings by      Hairan Paik  
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Photographs of Korea by Teri Sandison
Korean ceramics by In Chin Lee
"Freedom" new paintings by Kyungsoo Lee 2016